Of Perspectives and Their Mindsets

All of the leading heterodox theorists and reformers are onto what the overall problem is with the economy. Their problem is really just they’re operating at lower levels of abstraction and analysis. They’re worried about being scientific which is all fine and good of course, but it is a reductive, piece-meal level of analysis. They haven’t analyzed the economy from the philosophical-conceptual perspective let alone from a paradigmatic level which is an integrative mental and temporal way of looking at things. Why? Because a paradigm is both a new concept and an entirely new temporal universe pattern. Thus it integrates the opposite perspectives of mental and physical-temporal phenomena.

Then a pattern change must resolve the major problems of current theorizing in a universally beneficial way, otherwise its not THE new paradigm. Scientific and paradigmatic breakthroughs are almost always accompanied by new tools and/or insights that contradict current orthodoxies. They are often also the result of looking at problems in different and often seemingly irrelevant and/or illogical ways. The current new monetary and financial paradigm is exactly like this.


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