Two Posts To RWER Blog

Yes, this is a good discussion. It’s good to be for science. It’s even better to be for GOOD, OPEN MINDED science, and its always best to be for what historically has always enabled scientific breakthrough and that is the integrative/BOTH/AND mindset.

Good science is BOTH rigorously falsifying AND willing and able to embrace imagination. Wisdom/Natural Philosophy is the integrative mindset/perspective and science is a wholly included set within it. Wisdom/Natural Philosophy is hence the more enabling of whole truth and so the superior mental discipline.

Whatever the investigation, if we accepted, as all of the world’s major wisdom traditions do, that love is the supreme value and experience and that its active form, grace/graciousness/lovING is the most integrative/unifying/resolving idea and action, then we might be a lot closer to fixing economics, making it a securely joyous daily experience and getting on the bandwagon of using grace as in monetary gifting to move with post haste toward surviving global warming.


Me: Addressed to Steve Keen:

Yes, however, education is not the only thing financialization has corrupted and prevented from being more dynamic and emergently in process….that is a lot more like the natural universe.

I’m sure Dr. Keen would agree with me seeings how he has correctly identified the things neo-liberal economists ignore namely money, private debt and banks, and we both agree that what economics needs is a new philosophy, i.e. a new concept that changes its entire pattern. A concept (and its aligned policies) that would make the economy flow freely, double everyone’s earned purchasing power while forever eliminating inflation, potentially enable all manner of integration of political opposition and even enable a bottom up surge of consumer green/carbon diminishing production.

Those policies are the simple but powerful accounting operations of equal debits and credits summing to zero (yes Dr. Keen your observations about the importance of accounting are correct) of a 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale and a 50% discount/debt jubilee at the point of loan signing. Imagine getting a $50k Tesla at retail for $25k and then when you sign the loan you only have to borrow $12.5k. Imagine $50k of solar panels and batteries for $12.5k. Finally, with both scarce free and clear purchasing power and inflation no longer being a problem just think of how much fiscal spending could be directed toward helping us survive the existential problem of global warming.


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