Money, The Economy and The Scale and Process of Wisdom/Full Reality

If you understand the basic things about money and the economy, that is that money is most basically accounting and that retail sale is the terminal ending and summing point of the entire economic/actually productive process; and also understand that these things are almost universally overlooked, then you have an awareness of the policy power of a sufficiently high percentage reciprocal algebraic and accounting operation at that point. And, if you are also aware of the fact that philosophy-ideas are more mentally and temporally integrative and thus epistemologically superior to data and abstraction separately or together, then you can also become aware of the fact of why and how a new paradigm is a single philosophical concept that is thus able to change an entire pattern…..which is what a paradigm is.

A paradigm, like all wisdom, is the second most integrative phenomenon humans are capable of experiencing. The only higher awareness/phenomenon is that of a zeitgeist/ethic of the age.

Wisdom (of which ethics is an integral part) is the human species’ virtually exclusive trait. Unfortunately it is woefully under developed and systemically even more neglected. But once one fully becomes aware of an aspect of it they are never the same and always better for it.


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