Regarding The Logics, Signatures and Philosophical Integrities of Paradigm Changes and Zeitgeists/Mega-Paradigm Changes

Power and control are the present ruling concept, i.e. zeitgeist. The idea describing the new zeitgeist is what? Like the new monetary, financial and economic paradigm…grace of course.

Bichler and Nitzan are correct that “All capital is finance and only finance” and for-profit finance has been given the powerful monopoly paradigm of Debt Only. As I have repeatedly posted here for years paradigm changes are characterized by conceptual opposition and temporal universe inversion of reality. Nomadic hunting and gathering gave way to homesteading, agriculture and urbanization, terra centrism and pre-scientific religiosity gave way to helio-centrism and scientific observation, The Reformation ended the monopoly power of Catholicism and Debt Only will give way to Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting because it will resolve our major economic problems, enable many integrations of the best intentions and particles of truth of long standing economic and political perspectives and bring the same abundance, increased survival, rationality and increased ethical awareness that all of the above paradigm changes wrought.

Zeitgeists/mega paradigm changes being even bigger patterns than “mere” paradigms have even broader human and systemic effects and yet they express and follow the same logic, philosophical integrity and experiential results. Thus Faustian power and control gives way to grace as in love in action/policy.

This is no sectarian Sunday school religiosity as grace/love in action is as real a potential human reality as the dirt beneath one’s feet. You just have to look at it long enough to self actualize it.


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