Post To RWER Blog Affirming The Deeper Paradigmatic Problem

HH: Thanks to Bichler and Nitzan. Yes, we at Ethical Markets agree with this analysis , yet since I have advised on developing ESG screens for corporation for 20 years, I realized that corporations are the puppets of finance. So I have moved my analysis up the food chain to examine central banks and the politics of money-creation, credit-allocation and demanding the asset purchases under Q.E. be disclosed for their climate risks and fossil content, as TFCD now demanding of corporate accountants.

Me: That is correct Hazel. Finance and its monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only is the deeper problem. Multi-national corporations with global reach are the temporal/structural means of Finance’s expression of that paradigmatic power.

And the way to bring about the revolt of the corporate bourgeoisie against Finance that will in fact lead to the thirdness greater oneness that is the synthesis of capitalist vs socialist ideologies is to recognize the new monetary and financial paradigm concept of Gifting…the policy expression of which are the universal dividend and the 50% Discount/Rebate policy at the points of retail sale and at the point of loan signing.


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