Of Dilettantism and Wisdom

KZ: I chose to omit this part of Bhaskar’s statements because it is in my view a good example of why philosophers should not get involved in social science until they are ready to be a social scientist. Not a philosopher dilettante screwing up the work of social science.

Me: Ken,

Yes, philosophers who only philosophize ARE dilettantes. That’s why becoming aware of and self actualizing Wisdom/paradigm perception and the paradigmatic level of analysis is so important because Wisdom is only wisdom if it involves BOTH mentality AND consideration of mentality’s best and most pragmatic temporal universe application and implementation.

As I have posted here many times a new paradigm is the penultimate integrative phenomenon because it is a single concept that transforms an entire complexity/temporal pattern. And a mega-paradigm change is one that immediately and continuously changes numerous patterns in beneficial ways.


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