Grace: The Cosmic Code

The science versus philosophy-social science controversy is just one more dualism that is resolved by the most underlying and significant concept-experience known to Man, and yes that concept-experience is grace.

God-the experience of grace IS NATURAL. It’s also the philosopher’s stone, a mere but mind blowing and yes ecstatic integration of normal internalized egoistic consciousness with the spatial-electro-magnetic flux that is the dynamic, interactive, integrative flow of the present moment. That’s ALL and THAT’S ENOUGH to be the gloriously enlightening experience the world’s various wisdom traditions have long described and prescribed…..and the experience that the vast majority of us have ignored, decried and avoided most of our lives in the less than contemplative cultures we are embedded in and because the paradigm of inquiry is presently Science Only. That’s Only as in monopolistic. INTEGRATE!

Integrate the integrative discipline of Wisdom and Wisdom’s pinnacle concept, i.e. grace as in love in action within yourself and grace’s relevant aspect(s) into whatever body of knowledge-area of human endeavor is under discussion…and flow!


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