Wisdom vs Orthodox Science

‘The “fractured, obsessively opposed and continually regurgitative nature of analysis that does not actually rise to the level of paradigm/the total pattern analysis” ‘

I forgot to capitalize (for emphasis) the words OBSESSIVELY, CONTINUALLY and ACTUALLY in that sentence which to the TRULY discerning reader would help them understand that my critique was of the orthodox mindset of scientific analysis, NOT OF THE MODE OF ANALYSIS ITSELF.

“You seem to be looking for something that extends beyond this.”

Yes, indeed I am. I’m looking at and advocating for the integrative mindset AKA Wisdom within which the set of science is wholly included, but which also includes the human capacity for creative imagination.

“But in the end that is what human life is all about. Debate, confrontation, and choices.”

Yes, that and creative imagination and the dynamic, interactive, integrative and cosmic force of evolution. All of which are aspects of Wisdom and its pinnacle concept the NATURAL, PHILOSOPHICAL concept of grace.

“We will need to look at that process, if it exists to understand it.”

It’s natural so it does exist, and yes, let us proceed with utilizing it with post haste.


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