It’s The Monetary and Financial Paradigm, Stupid!

The poster and everyone above are right in their separate dualistically opposed and hence partial analysis. That in fact is the fractured, obsessively opposed and continually regurgitative nature of analysis that does not actually rise to the level of paradigm/the total pattern analysis.

There are individual paradigms like historian, non-conformist-iconoclast, scientist etc. etc. that are actually just individual human choices and psychological profiles, and the complex human and temporal patterns that anthropologists examine, but none of these approach the depth and breadth of Genuine temporal universe paradigm changes that are the very expression of dialectical thirdnesses. So by accurately discerning and resolving the deepest and most relevant problems in both sides of false orthodoxies/dualisms like capitalism vs socialism they make Direct Monetary Distributism possible….whether one chooses to live in a socialist or capitalist economy.

Money, Debt and Banking. These are what Steve Keen, Michael Hudson and MMT tell us are the roots of the problem. They just need to perceive and habituate the integrative nature of paradigmatic analysis and then along with becoming aware of the signatures of imminent and accomplished paradigm changes combine only the partial truths parading as total ideologies.


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