Personal, Systemic and Social Action Is Required

Virtually all of us here are heterodox and think the neo-classical synthesis and general equilibrium are bunk. Why continue to theoretically analyze macro 3000 ways from the middle???

We need policies that will effect the changes we all agree are needed, and we need a mass movement to get those policies politically implemented.

All the theory and palliative reforms in the cosmos can be flicked aside like one would flick away a fly with one’s finger by the power of vested wealth, present academic ideology and the unconscious inertia of the current paradigm. We all know this to be true because everyone bemoans it here continually.

But well communicated policies that resolve the long lingering problems of that current paradigm paired with a mass movement not unlike MLK’s Civil Rights movement can slay the dragons of money and finance and effect a mega-paradigm change that might literally save the species.

So again I ask: What are your policies? Are they mere reforms that can easily be turned on their head as Keynesianism was, or are they developed around the deep simplicities that have always characterized historical paradigm/pattern changes? And when are we going to unite in developing a mass movement to get them implemented?


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