Its As Simple and Paradigm Changing As That

The private for profit Bankers and The Temple have alternated in their dominance of the rest of us with their monopolistic monetary and financial paradighm, namely Debt Only, as the sole form and vehicle for the creation of money and its distribution for over 5000 years.

And now we’re standing up on our hind legs and changing that into personal and systemic freedom with the 1500 year old formalized system of accounting and its conventions, and the missed and neglected insight that the point of retail sale is the ending point of economics and that thus equal debits and credits of money at that point can guarantee stable economic and financial security for all.

Beyond that only rational, ethical and philosophically aligned taxation and regulations are needed to protect us all and the system itself from the inevitably other intentioned and anti-social who we “will always have with us”.

It’s as simple and paradigm changing as that. And for those who are caught in the fears, doubts and inactions of obsessive dualism and/or the love of complexities, no matter, as Aristotle, who even though he may not have had everything right, was correct in saying: “We learn by doing.”


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