Response To A Poster on RWER Blog

“The issue is not to create a prescriptive science but to create a society that copes skillfully with unknowns and the unpredictable.”

Yes, and that also deciphers and focuses on the real and deepest problem, namely debt and money…specifically the monetary and financial paradigm. The former is what Steve Keen recognized that neo-classical economics ignored. But what happened then? Like most intellectuals who value problems more than solutions he moved onto another and even more thorny problem, energy and its climate effects.

Economics has been (mostly correctly) analyzed 15 ways from the middle and over and over and over again….and almost entirely without positive effect. A clear sign that it is missing the mark.

Here is the necessary prescription:

1) Focus on money and debt
2) Recognize that the deepest problem is the monetary and financial paradigm…and our failure/unwillingness to analyze on the paradigmatic level
3) Find the new tool and/or insight that resolves the problems of the old/current monetary and financial paradigm
4) Start a socio-economic mass movement to herd the entirety of the political apparatus toward the solution and its policies discovered
5) Maintain the focus and political pressure until the new paradigm and its policies are implemented


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