The Immediate and Potential Benefits of The 50% Twin Discount/Rebate Policies At Retail Sale and At Point of Note Signing, and Creation of A True Publicly Administered National Banking and Financial System

  1. Immediate potential doubling of the individual’s purchasing power
  2. Immediate doubling of any UBI/Universal Dividend’s purchasing power
  3. Immediate elimination of any possibility of cost/price inflation
  4. Immediate 75% reduction in costs for all “big ticket” items and for all “big ticket” green consumer products and thus imminent affordability of same
  5. Immediate end of the un-economic nature of for profit finance and the concommitant end of its costs post retail sale
  6. Potential elimination of all transfer taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security paid for by both individuals and enterprise
  7. Potential deep cuts to individual and corporate income taxes
  8. Enabling of immediate re-industrialization in the most efficient and ecologically sane way possible
  9. Potential enablement of fiscal funding for all sorely needed infrastructure, transportation, environmental and regulatory spending due to the integration of beneficial price deflation into profit making economic systems and its consequent elimination of inflation
  10. Immediate relatively abundant monetary and financial security guaranteed for life, and the consequent increase in both individual emotional tone level and systemic ethical reality
  11. Immediate and actual integration of the best aspects of seeming opposite political and economc perspectives
  12. Qualifies for being only the third mega-paradigm change in human history

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