Crashing Through To The Necessity of Paradigmatic Analysis

The truth is macro-economics has become much more of a theoretical “straining at a knat while swallowing a camel.” I’m not saying there aren’t insights to be discovered there, but when otherwise brilliant guys like Steve Keen and Michael Hudson correctly discern that the economy is financially unstable and that private for profit finance is a giant parasite on the legitimate productive aspect of the economy and yet can’t recommend other than palliative policies in order to remedy those facts…it’s time to drop the abstract fugue one has habitually fallen into via macro-economics and look more directly at the economy in order to find insights that run much more deeply and that with an understanding of historical paradigm changes evoke and reveal the land beyond the current muddle.

That is what the micro and macro insights that 1) the economy is inextricably embedded within an accounting infrastructure, 2) that the monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only is just that, an un-economic monopoly concept that must yield to the ethical and evolutionary process of change and that 3) retail sale is currently the terminal ending and thus extremely powerful application point for policies logically aligned with the new paradigm concept,  can reveal.

And then, with the historical insight that paradigm changes are characterized by 1) conceptual opposition, 2)  inversions of present realities,  and 3) the discovery of a new tool and/or insight that resolves the major problems of the old paradigm and reveals the efficacy of the new paradigm concept, we can more effectively apply those insights to the macro-economic monetary and financial insights of instability and parasitism.


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