Directness, A Primary Aspect of The Natural Philosophical Concept of Grace and of The New Monetary and Financial Paradigm

Yoshinori:  It seems for me that what Craig demands as monetary reforms is still in an old paradigm of the efficacy of monetary policy.

Me:  Yoshinori,

That would be true if those monetary policies were of the indirect, largely fallacious and monopolistically enforced kind that neo-classical economics foists on us. Fortunately the 50% discounts, universal dividend and debt jubilee monetary policies are direct to the consumer and equally direct and reciprocal back to the merchant. As I have often posted here one of the primary aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace which is the operant concept behind the new monetary and financial paradigm is directness. In fact that same aspect of the operant concept was the one effecting the new paradigm of The Reformation, that is that humans could have a direct relationship with god instead of having to slavishly perform the Church’s monopolistic sacraments in order to obtain grace.


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