Post To RWER Blog Regarding Paradigm Changes and The Concept Behind Them

How ironic it is that the additional purchasing power enabled by the paradigm changing policies of a 50% discount/rebate at retail sale and also at the point of note/loan signing will actually enable us to eliminate inflation, direct industrial policy toward green products and make possible the mega fiscal projects needed to off planet the most carbon releasing industries. Irony/inversion of present problematic realities has always been one of the primary signatures of paradigm change. That irony is enlightening when one also realizes that:

1) one of the primary aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace is the resolution of problematic dualisms/conflicts

2) grace is (a) flow and gestalt, (b) the essence of present time reality is the continuous swirl of electro-magnetic emanation that we humans, caught up in our abstract fugues, miss, and (c) every major wisdom tradition preaches either contemplation of one’s own consciousness which is a manifestation of the graceful flow of the physical universe or a direct integration of same with the present electro-magnetic moment

3) the primary consequential effects of every historical paradigm change have always been aspects of the concept of grace

Book suggestion: The Master Game by R. S. De Ropp.


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