Posts on RWER Blog Regarding the Wisdom Concept of Grace

Me:  You can argue forever and a day about the merits and shortcomings of Capitalism and Socialism. Or, you can find the most efficacious way to implement monetary gifting and the economic system it would create, namely Direct Monetary Distributism.

“It’s the monetary and financial paradigm, stupid!”

Me:  Hunting and gathering was much more secure and abundant than cave dwelling or whatever was the reality before hunting and gathering, but agriculture was much more secure and abundant than hunting and gathering. Otherwise we wouldn’t have changed to AG, homesteading and urbanization.

And direct monetary distributism will be much more secure, abundant and aligned with wisdom….because it is aligned with the natural philosophical/wisdom concept of grace.

By FINALLY unifying economics with the wisdom of the concept of grace, which is the pinnacle unitary concept behind every one of the world’s major wisdom traditions, we’ll much more likely to have the Wisdomics we so sorely require.

“In the final analysis, economics is a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life.”

Exactly. And that is also why the new paradigm in money and finance will become only the second mega paradigm change in human history.

You can run from a mega paradigm change, but you cannot hide from it.

KZ:  “Since hunter communities were so successful economically and in other ways, are there somethings we can learn from them to help reorganize failing economies and societies today? Particularly in the US. I believe there are.”

Me:  Do an exegesis of the many aspects of the wisdom concept of grace. It’s the ultimate guidepost.

MC:  There are historically closer examples of how to evolve more sustainable economic relations than hunter gatherers and far more realistic I think. David Ruccio’s RWER post Abraham Lincoln and the road to despotism is a good place to start.

Me:  Actually not correct. As I have pointed out here numerous times before there has only been one mega paradigm change, which is a paradigm change that has major “knock on” effects in areas of human endeavor/bodies of knowledge (scientifically developed or not) other than the specific area that the new paradigm applies to. And that was the change from H & G to Ag, Homesteading and Urbanization.

The signature of a mega paradigm change is its immediacy and continuous-ness of effect…for literally everyone. And a monetary, financial and hence economic paradigm change fits that description perfectly, so H & G is the perfect example.

If we hadn’t discovered Ag etc. we’d probably still be propitiating the great god mugjub who lives up the yap-yap river. And if we don’t cognite on the mega paradigm change of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting….the human race could end up in precisely that same situation.

KZ:  If early agriculture were organized along the same lines as hunter-gatherer communities you would be correct. However, with domestication of animals and plants came greater abundance, and, not curiously, the notion that needs are great and always growing, while resources to meet those needs are always inadequate (scarce). And the fight for control of resources began.

Me:  You’re correct that Ag, homesteading and urbanization despite being a mega paradigm change also led on to the excesses, imbalances and out ethics of capitalism, but like everything else economics and anthropology are in process and finding the most underlying process will enlighten the way forward with the least error and ethical missing of the mark.

The beneficial aspects of every historical paradigm change have always and always will be aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace, and paradigm change is simply the process of becoming more consciously aware of that concept toward the even more laborious mental process of a change in zeitgeist. The current zeitgeist is Power/Otherness, the next one will be Grace/Unity and the new monetary and financial paradigm will be the second mega paradigm change in human history and hence the most progressive toward the goal of change in zeitgeist.

(several back and forth posts between two posters regarding the duality of capitalism vs socialism)

Me:  You’re both correct in your observations, however, Capitalism vs Socialism is simply the longstanding and now obsessively contentious dualism standing in the way of the new monetary and financial paradigm/thirdness greater oneness of Gifting and hence also the process of going from the zeitgeist of Power/Otherness to Grace/Unity.

When in doubt integrate the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations of opposites….and keep on integrating.


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