The Underlying Problem

The underlying problem with money and finance is and always has been its paradigm of Debt ONLY, that is lending ONLY. Forget about public debt, its a side show for pols to demagogue and a very small percentage of total PRIVATE and INDIVIDUAL debt which debt is the real cost inflationary problem, and it could just be continually turned over especially at the current low rates or at 0% if we had a real national banking system.

You could pour virtually as much money as monetary gifting, which is the new paradigm, into the economy for fiscal projects and to guarantee everyone a better than middle class income….IF YOU HAD A 50% DISCOUNT/REBATE POLICY AT THE POINT OF RETAIL SALE. The discovery of the power and the potential monetary policy significance of the point of retail sale is the telescope, ellipse, agriculture and moveable print of economics and money systems. And with a few regulations with teeth, tax incentives, tax disincentives and a moral authority to scorn any greedy and anti-social gamers you could stabilize the new paradigm and make it the new third rail of politics.

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