If The Banking/Financial System Is De-Stabilizing…What Do We Do About It?

In other words, if the only way to resist recession is to continually build up government and personal debt, but such debt, because it IS debt and even if it does not have any additional costs like interest, will then inevitably build until it is not servicable, then how can we break out of such a rigged system? And should we simply try to reform/palliate the system, or should we try to actually resolve its unstable nature?

Reformists ignore the monopoly paradigm of the private for profit banking and financial system, namely Debt Only and try to add money to the system in ways that do not deal with that MONOPOLY paradigm.

Paradigm perceivers recognize that the real and deepest problem IS the monopoly monetary and financial paradigm, and call for a new paradigm that reverses the rigged and inevitably unstable nature of it that plagues the economy.

Reforms will never touch the current paradigm while the new paradigm of Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting will guarantee everyone a high level of monetary and financial security, make the system stabily free flowing and enable us to immediately and effectively move toward a renewable resource/climate change resolving state and finally having politically uniting, psychologically uplifting and generally evolutionary social effects. That’s all.


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