Grace: The Answer To Economics…and Everything


The essence of neo-liberal finance capitalism is the paradigm of Debt Only as the sole from and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money/credit.

Integration of the truths etc. of opposites is the very process of wisdom. Paradigms are the essence of patterns, i.e. the second highest integration of the opposites of essence as in a single refined mental concept and the character of the whole of the temporal/physical universe pattern. So perceiving them is the wisdom of the integration of opposites.

The pinnacle concept of wisdom is grace as in love IN INDIVIDUAL ACTION/SYSTEMIC POLICY and if one studies all historical paradigm changes it becomes apparent that all of their effects are aspects of the ethical and temporal concept of grace like abundance, anti-monopoly/anti-dominance, increased freedom, increased knowledge as in data and also as in epistemology, inclusion/unity, ignorance regarding problematic slowing and/or stopping to problem resolution as in discovery, enlightenment and flow/free flowingness, increased survival, etc. etc. And monetary grace as in gifting is simply its newest and most urgently needed expression in the economy.

Grace is the true nature of the cosmos within and without, and awakening to that truth enables us to flow freely, happily and ethically through the maya that ONLY the physical and ONLY force and power as in control are real. The concept and experience of grace resolves, enlightens and unites even that.


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