Posted To a Thread By Ellen Brown On Truthdig

Me:  The policy solution to monetary austerity for both the individual and for commercial agents, the final slaying of price and asset inflation and the implementation of a new monetary paradigm has been hiding in plain sight for almost a century. That policy is a 50% discount to the consumer at the point of retail sale that is entirely rebated back to the merchant giving it by the monetary authority. The effect would be to immediately double the purchasing power of everyone’s earned income, a doubling of any universal dividend/UBI, the immediate doubling of the potential revenue actually available for every enterprise’s goods and services AND because retail sale is the terminal ending point of the entire economic/actually productive process and hence must also be the terminal summing point for any and all forms of inflation it does the miraculous, that is, it beneficially integrates price and asset inflation into profit making economic systems. The actual operations of all paradigm changes are and always have been simple conceptual oppositions and temporal universe inversions of present realities. The switch from the current paradigm of Debt Only as the sole vehicle and form for the distribution of money/credit to Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting is precisely such an operation.


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