Action, Not Apathy or Cynicism

I’ve been posting here and on other economic sites for over 10 years since the GFC and virtually nothing, NOTHING, has been accomplished in the real world to make the world better economically or financially.

We desperately need a mass movement advocating real world, immediate positive effects for all economic agents that will also reduce indebtedness and the tendency to become increasingly indebted, that will end the chronic scarcity of individual and systemic monetary austerity and that will end erosive inflation.

Action, insightful and forthright action to get workable and resolving policies understood and enthusiastically embraced by the general populace is exactly what we need, not more regurgitation of already agreed upon critiques, not more ad nauseum analysis of the old paradigm and certainly not apathetic cynicism.

Does anyone here want to save their children and grandchildren from the result of apathy and inaction for another decade? Let’s have a discussion about how we can get a movement going with definitive policies that will have immediate beneficial effects.


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