The New Discipline of Paradigm Perception

This is another good discussion. Anthropology is the closest discipline there is to paradigm perception because it is interdisciplinary and deals with culture which is a vast and multifaceted pattern itself.

The discipline of paradigm perception is actually the willingness and ability to look at the present pattern and discern the single concept that describes it, and also the ability to discern a new paradigm/pattern by its various imminent and accomplished signatures. It is a kind of supra-anthropology that includes philosophy, ethics and the naturalistic integrative and unitary insights and processes found in all of the world’s major wisdom traditions.

With all of the agreed upon fallacies and long lingering problems in economics which itself is a major signature of imminent paradigm change the discussion should indeed focus on deciphering the new paradigm and how policies aligned with it can be applied to make it the new temporal universe reality.


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