The Cosmos Flows Freely

The cosmos flows. It cannot be stopped….except for a moment, a conscious exquisitely powerful, enlightening and empowering moment.

Being actual you are inextricably embedded in the flow of the cosmos, and if you try to stop flowing with it the absolutely necessity of embracing its flow rapidly becomes apparent. Try to stop breathing. Even cheat and take a deep breath first. Soon you will realize that the flow of your breath inward and outward is the most important thing to you….in the entire cosmos.

Becoming conscious of your breath, your breathing in every moment as it flows and as the necessary and relaxing experience it is can help you to enjoy and place things in their proper perspective. It can also help you understand how consciously enforcing or unconsciously allowing non-flow is contrary to the deepest reality of the cosmos and has negative effects. The money system and how it affects the economy is an excellent example. It being everything, abundance is an aspect of the cosmos. Thus an abundance of money strategically produced and modulated and regulated toward rational purposes and goals will create flow and even effortless free flowingness which approaches the ideal state of the cosmos. Creating abundance in the money system and economy approaches this state of free flowingness and enables Man the freedom to choose to regulate that abundance in a way that recognizes the other realities on earth that being a closed system must be respected.


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