Posted To RWER Blog 04/27/2019

Radical uncertainty is obviously true, but so what? If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve done your due diligence etc. you act. The thing to do in economics or any problematic situation in any other body of knowledge is not get obsessed with problems, but search for a relevant and new solution. Orthodoxy is a trap and obsessive iconoclasm is probably an even more devilish trap.

The actual operation of all new paradigms are basically very simple, but visualizing the new paradigm is almost impossible without first finding the new concept that defines it. After that is recognized the rest of policy formation is a straightforward rational process. Of course you have to wade through and endure all manner of being ignored, doubt, misunderstanding, non-comprehension, orthodox invalidation, heterodox timidity and mankind’s penchant for reforms and palliatives instead of the freedom of actual solutions. You have to live and advocate bravely and with as little ego reaction to the aforementioned mental shortcomings as possible.


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