Posted To RWER Blog 02/18/2019

KZ:  Sickening or not, observations show that as inequality increases, commitment to and trust in one another that make society possible decreases. The possibility of society declines until society either becomes impossible to sustain or the societies created are so dysfunctional that only societal members with private armies and fortresses can survive. I know most of the film makers like John Carpenter and George Romero whose films revolve around the end of human society probably did not consider themselves prophets. But their films may be closer to coming events than many of us want to consider.

Me:  Those are correct observations. The question we all need to ask ourselves is whether we want to wait and try to correct the situation as it descends into further confusion and chaos or take action together now. None of the complexities of any situation or any body of knowledge will matter in the former, and finding the core and ope-rant solution (the wisdom of a new monetary and economic paradigm of grace as in the astuteness of gifting and love in action) while brushing past most of the complexities in the meantime is the correct way to proceed in the latter.


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