Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum 02/17/2019

We need to keep focused on three things:

1) taking control of money creation on the national level (Public Banking on the city and state level is fine and can run concurrently with the broader effort)

2) in order to accomplish that doing a hard sell of the incredibly beneficial results of having a public system with policies like a universal dividend for everyone at age 18, a 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale that doubles everyone’s potential purchasing power and not only terminally ends any possibility of inflation but integrates price deflation into profit making economic systems and finally extending the 50% discount/rebate policy to a new ending point for the entire economic process at the point of note creation. That would make a $300k house be reduced at retail sale to $150k and to $75K at creation of the 0% note.

3) making damned good and sure that the new national publicly administered banking and financial system are aligned with and firmly guided by the new paradigm and unimpeachable ethic of grace as in love in individual action/systemic policy.

The world is a corrupted place and as this thread demonstrates it is often difficult to discern truth from deception, but the best way to proceed is always to attempt to legally grasp control of the situation and integrate the power of soverignty with the moral and ethical power of grace.

EB:  My feeling is that we’ll probably have to wait for the next collapse. Then everyone will be so fed up, they’ll be ready to change the money system. For now, I’m just trying to get ideas out there so they’ll be on the table when the crisis hits.

Me:  That’s an understandable stance, but over 10 years out from the GFC strategies like being an export platform or doing indirect QE forever so that the economy can take on the appearance of recovery, etc., etc. can obscure the underlying problem of an inherent scarcity of actually available individual incomes/business revenue….for a very long time.

If we have learned anything from Trump it is that the big lie works…especially with a populace that is already sick and tired of being sick and tired. And what we should learn from that is that providing an abundantly attractive, self interested and TRUTHFUL vision as a more workable and beneficial alternative….WILL WORK…and has the further advantage of being a much more ethical alternative to the dark side nonsense of Trumpism etc.

The last three general elections have all been about change. That’s not going to change until an actually better alternative AND VISION OF IT…is provided.

So let’s get on with it.


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