What If?

What if today’s current paradigm for inquiry is Science Only and the new paradigm is wisdom as in the inclusive integration of only the truths in opposing perspectives including the scientific method? And what if the philosophical concept of grace as in the dynamic, interactive, integrative and unitary free flow of everything is actually the best and most accurate scientific description of the physical/temporal universe which we and the entirety of the legitimate economic process is embedded in and must adhere to…if it indeed also wants to be gracefully, abundantly and stably free flowing?

Economics doesn’t need endless iconoclastic critique or equally endless theoretical tweaking, it needs philosophical search and exegesis for the concept that has been behind every historical paradigm change and that in fact is reflective of the concept behind every one of the cutting edge policy suggestions espoused by each of the cutting edge heterodox economists like UBI, government deficit spending and debt jubilees.

Once Galileo saw the moons of Jupiter he knew helio-centrism was almost certainly the defining single concept of the new cosmological paradigm and it was simply a straight forward rational if precarious process for him and a few others to affirm it in the minds of others. When economists focus in microscopically and analyze the summing, ending and terminal expression point significances of the point of retail sale and craft a reality inverting direct and reciprocal monetary and pricing policy there…they can all become Galileo’s.


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