Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum 02/17/2019

It’s good that you’re citing Steve Keen he’s the best and most insightful macro-economist on the planet. All he needs to do now is awaken to the single paradigm changing concept of Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting and also discover the exact point in the economic process to implement a monetary and pricing policy that exactly reflects that concept and by its actions will effect the new paradigm.

Directness of monetary gifting to the individual is one of the aspects the monetary system has always lacked, and a policy of reciprocal monetary gifting at a significant point in the economy is what will synergize the effects of the two policies. Then add abundance and many more of the supposedly necessary inflation fighting mechanisms will become redundant and governmental funding via taxation will be able to be vastly reduced. Paradigms are earth shaking and orthodoxy destroying events. Let us proceed with the one in economic theory, finance and the money system.


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