The Long and Short of The Problem With Economics and Economists Is…

…it/they are not operating on the mental plain necessary to perceive paradigms. They gather data and try to fit observations (or non-observations and twice removed abstract observations) into theories when what they need to do is, right along with that, think about the the ideas/philosophy they are advocating and then think paradigmatically, i.e. with wisdom which is the process of integrating only the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations in opposing perspectives.

Wisdom and paradigmatic thinking are actually the same process because wisdom indeed is the process I just declared and paradigms are the integrative discernment (which is the very ability of wisdom) of a single new concept that fits seamlessly within and also creates an entirely new pattern. In other words paradigmatic thinking is the integration of the opposites of a single concept and the many ways in which it is applied that supplants the old paradigm and creates an entirely new pattern. 

Finally, grace which is the pinnacle concept and experience of wisdom and paradigmatic thinking which is the pinnacle level of mental integration and temporal application are also perfectly reflective of each other.


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