New Paradigms Make What Are Considered Significant Realities Relatively Insignificant Or Irrelevant

That’s because a new insight which resulted in the awareness of the paradigm concept itself and its new resolving powers has rendered them so. A paradigm is a single concept that creates new realities within a new pattern. Thus old orthodoxies/”necessary truths” fall by the wayside with paradigm changes. This has been historically true with every paradigm change, or it wouldn’t be a paradigm change. It’s the nature of the beast and its mental and temporal effects.

Almost all critiques of a new paradigm have historically been mere insistence that we respect old paradigm realities when they have been superseded and replaced. There is no need nor any desire to suppress rational discourse, but the most important thing to consider is to assess whether or not the claims for the new paradigm fulfill most or all of the signatures of historical paradigm changes. That is its true test.


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