New Constitional Amendment

As the Declaration of Independence so wisely states the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and a stable, relatively abundant and guaranteed level of monetary and economic freedom is the essential way to enable the latter.

No longer can we tolerate being dominated and manipulated by a self interested monetary and financial elite that enforces individual monetary scarcity and systemic austerity so as to trap mankind’s development in the straitjacket of homo economicus. We must be able to rise to our actual species designation of homo sapiens, wise and discerning man. To that end the 28th amendment to our constitution which includes the policies and structural changes that follow is proposed:

High precentage discount/rebate policy at the point of retail sale and for purchases of “big ticket items” an additional discount/rebate at note signing.

A universal dividend to everyone 18 and older for life.

The creation of a publicly administered national and central banking system that creates all new money/credit, distributes the monetary gifts in the two policies above and is always and ultimately guided by the pinnacle wisdom concept of grace as in gifting.


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