Posted To RWER Blog 11/10/2018

If an economic theory or political system wants to survive and thrive they must form a satisfactory contract that obviously benefits both sets of agents, namely the individual and commercial enterprise.

1) Insuring everyone’s economic security for life with a $1000/mo universal dividend,

2) that is doubled by a 50% discount/rebate policy at the point of retail sale and

3) the latter policy also doubles both everyone’s earned purchasing power and

4) the potential actually available business revenue of every enterprise….

would seem to fit that bill rather nicely. Of course the kickers are that

5) the 50% discount/rebate policy taking effect at the terminal summing point for all costs (including the costs of capital goods and profits) and so total price for every consumer item in the economy eliminates any possibility of inflation (garden variety inflation is restrained by competition and potential loss of market share and hyper-inflations require specific disastrous conditions to occur) …because the end of the entire economic process is consumption and that means you own it and no commercial agent can enforce additional costs upon the individual. You get to eat it, wear it, drive it around, etc. etc. etc. and

6) the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting effectively breaks up Finance’s monopoly paradigm of Debt and Loan Only…which is the deepest, most underlying and largely unperceived problem in economics.

So I’d suggest we start there and then, because the world is not an altogether rational place, come up with regulations and sanctions aligned with the concept behind even Gifting…just for the sake of logic, pragmatism and philosophical continuity.


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