Political Reform Is Good. Paradigm Change Is Forever.

It’s not only important to take political control of the economic and financial systems, it’s  essential to awaken to their new paradigms. Why? Because political wins and reforms  fade or get reversed. However, a paradigm change will never go back to the old one….because it’s such a complete and obvious no brainer advance and historically .

The New Deal was a significant reform, but was not a paradigm change. Regressive forces have been trying to reverse them for over 80 years. Recognizing that a universal dividend of $1000/mo. directly distributed to everyone 18 and older and a 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale will immediately end poverty and immediately double everyone’s purchasing power IS a paradigm change. Furthermore and along with these policies, the recognition that the primacy of direct distributive monetary policy enables us to do away with RE-distributive taxation and greatly reduce individual and business taxation.

If regressive forces have not been able to reverse social security and medicare, how are they ever going to be able to reverse these obvious, universal and bipartisan constituency paradigm changing policies???


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