Thirdness Greater Oneness: The Signature of Wisdom, Grace and The New Monetary and Economic Paradigm

Capitalism is monetarily, financially and economically unstable and hence ethically compromised.

Socialism is ethically aligned with grace, but it alone is fudamentally not economically valid because it does not correctly or rationally consider or control costs. Thus it is also unstable.

Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Distributism factors costs honestly and correctly, accomplishes the goals of socialism (economic democracy) and remedies all of the problems that would still afflict economics (inflation, individual monetary scarcity and systemic monetary austerity) and so makes the system serve man instead of man having to slavishly serve the system as it does now and has always done for the last 5000 years.

The above new paradigm integrates the truthful, workable and ethical aspects of both capitalism and socialism and hence is a genuine thirdness greater oneness that reflects the concept behind it, namely grace as in love in action.


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