It’s A Paradigm Change…Just Look At It

If a tremedously and universally beneficial monetary, financial and economic policy effect is created at the precise ending point of the entire legitimate economic/productive process and that additionally resolves modern economy’s two major problems of inflation and individual and systemic monetary scarcity….how can anything harmful occur?

The end of the economic process for every consumer item IS the end of the economic process for every consumer item, that is it’s where production becomes consumption and that means you and the enterprise who sold it agrred upon the sale so you own it, you can eat it, drive it, live in, it clothe yourself with it or whatever. And if the policy is applied to every economic process going forward….its permanent.

Regulate the economy with aligned incentives and sanctions, and rid ourselves of the idiotic idea that monopoly control of the most operant factor in profit making economic systems, namely money and its creation, can best be handed to private profit making banks….and you’ll have so further stabilized the stability and free flowingness of the economy created by the the policy implemented at the end of the economic process…that the majority of economists might no longer be needed.


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