Science and Wisdom: The Slow and Fast Ways to Perceive a New Paradigm

Kuhn correctly observed the slow process of paradigm change. My postulate is that what is required to greatly speed up paradigm change is Wisdom and its process of integrating the truths, workabilities and applicabilities of opposite perspectives and guided by the natural philosophical concept of grace which is just the western word hung on the goal and result of all of the world’s wisdom traditions which is higher self awareness. Science of course is good and necessary as a tool for discovering empirical truth and falsehood, but as its process is logic and one of the primary signatures of paradigm changes is the seeming illogic of conceptual opposition to the prevailing paradigm it stumbles, halts and generally its process does not lead to where we want to go. All the more reason to consult the process wisdom and ultimately its goal of a thirdness greater oneness.

Wisdom tradition techniques are replete with ways of eliciting such an experience. For instance a zen master giving a novitiate the classic koan question of “What is the sound of one hand clapping?’ isn’t actually intended to be answered logically or rationally, but rather to have the novitiate puzzle over it trying to come up with a logical/rational answer until he/she either becomes so internalized that they experience their own self awareness much more intensely than normal and so experience satori, or to puzzle over it with such frustration that much like a form of ab-reaction therapy thoughts, emotions and even bodily somatics become so intense that they let go of the attempt to rationally resolve the koan and come more intensely into the present moment…which of course is the only place and time that satori which IS a new experience CAN be experienced by one’s self awareness/consciousness.

As the human part of a genuine new paradigm is a personal NEW AWARENESS of a concept that changes an old temporal and/or mental pattern and creates a new one….it would seem that Wisdom is precisely the tool we need to….more rapidly reach that goal.


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