Paradigms Are Powerful Almost Entirely Unconscious Patterns and So Their Nature Reflects the Effects of Supposed Grand Conspiracies. Signatures Of Paradigm Changes

This is not to say that there are never conspiracies, there are, but grand conspiracies almost never actually exist because they are unnecessary due to the powerful unconscious effects of paradigms on both idividuals and systems.

The primary signature of paradigms current and new is unconsciousness of them. Current paradigms exist and draw their primary strength and endurance from this fact. For instance, as Steve Keen has shown the current reigning paradigm of macro-economics DSGE basically ignored money, debts and banks and yet the primary economic factor (money/credit, the only form and vehicle for its distribution (Debt/Loans) and the single business model of private banking and its ultimate backer The Fed have monopolistic control of these factors. 

How stupid and naive is this? Naive to the point of unconsciousness that’s how stupid and naive it is. And this unconsciousness was possessed by Nobel Prize winners in economics!!!

Now, even if one discovers that the essentials of the economic problem are being ignored, if they lack a knowledge of the signatures of imminent paradigm change and of actual new paradigm changes and their temporal universe and historical effects, then they can still walk around having no idea of the new paradigm. In fact, as many heterodox economists are calling for paradigm change in economics, they can even suggest palliative reforms that mirror the concept of that new paradigm…but have absolutely no idea of either the singular concept that is the paradigm or the policies that will fit seamlessly within most of the structures so as to implement its powerful transformative effects. That demonstrates the power of both consciousness and unconsciousness, and the incredible importance of cultivating paradigm perception.

Unconsciousness of both current and new paradigms

Acceptance of old paradigm and its powerful structures as legitimate/necessary and ending of the dominance of the most powerful structural factor in old paradigm

Hardening of logic of old paradigm/hence seeming illogicality of new paradigm

Confusion/seeming unworkability of everything

Conceptual Opposition

Inversion/transformation of current realities

Increased abundance of primary factors in area/body of knowledge that the new paradigm applies to

Increased creativity, especially in area/body of knowledge that the new paradigm applies to

New tool discovery/re-discovery of/new insights from old tool





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