Posted To RWER Blog 10/25/2018

PR:  The landscape of an economy is inherently lumpy.  Power relations.  Social ties. Geography. Culture.  Knowledge concentrations. Technology. Networks of various forms. And amongst it all: organization.  These are the things that determine the economic order.

The economy is anything but an arbitrarily defined binary landscape with producers and consumers, or market and governments, or supply and demand.  Nor is it static.  Nor is it inexorably determined.  It has evolved, and still is evolving, within a context.  It is, to channel David Bohm, in a constant state of becoming.

Me:  What is the beingness of “a constant state of becoming”? It is the continually interactive and integrative process-state of discovering and resolving truths in opposites AKA Wisdom, AND INCLUDING the pinnacle concept of Wisdom known as grace, which is itself also the above state of beingness applied to whatever one is examining in the temporal universe or one’s own. For instance monetarily and economically it is grace as in Monetary Free Gifting, and financially it is grace as in Debt UNburdening as opposed to continual and ever increasing Debt/Burdening. Individually it is grace as in love in action-process-behavior, i.e. graciousness.

Resolve the conflicting complexities and smooth out the lumps with the various aspects of the universal solvent of the concept of grace….and then keep on applying that “constant (integrative) state of becoming”.


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