Alternative Dividend and Discount/Rebate Policies When Finance is Publicly Administered and Thus Virtually All Loans Can Be Issued at An Interest Rate of 0%

Make the dividend for everyone 18 and older $3000-4000/mo.

Reduce the Retail Discount/Rebate percentage to 10%.

For any products requiring loans (homes, autos any other big ticket items) the publicly administered banking system would issue the note at 0% and reduce the final amount of the note by 50% thus greatly reducing overall costs, indebtedness and its rate of growth.

Keep the participation rules and regulations regarding legitimate costs and price raises, i.e. a firm can take cost reductions and save them as profits to keep or re-invest or to further reduce their prices to be more competitive. They cannot do either of those things and yet also raise their prices….and if they do the latter illegitimately economic thing….they will be taxed for it at a rate of 100%…even if they lost revenue.


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