The Triple Power Point of Economics

When you’ve taken rational, ethical, unobtrusive and universally beneficial control of the triple power point of the economic process, that is, the point of retail sale; with the dual policies of a universal dividend and a 50% discount/rebate you’ve resolved the two deepest and most chronic problems of modern economies, totally inverted their negative realities of scarcity, austerity and instability and accomplished a paradigm change in economics and money systems all in one fell swoop.

It’s simple without being simplistic, utterly effective and Occam’s Razor expressed. It’s the perfect integration of the best aspects of the agendas of both the political and economic right and left, the end of the frustrations of the forgotten middle class and the re-integration of their hope and faith in the system which is the most basic solution to the political disintegration we see them expressing and that is being fomented by foreign forces who do not have our best interests in mind.

Please help me get this message out to everyone so we can make America as great as our forefathers aspired for it to be, and as wise a beacon for the world as it can be.



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