Wisdomics-Gracenomics vs Scientism

Wisdom is the integration of only the truths, aligned actions
and highest ethical considerations of opposing perspectives based on the many, many personal and universally temporally applicable aspects of its pinnacle concept of grace as in graciousness.

That’s why Wisdomics-Gracenomics is the real, objectively discerning and effective theory of the new monetary, economic and financial paradigm…..not “scientific” economics or worse yet some ideology looking for justification like capitalism or socialism.

Evolution can still (appear to) be random while the cosmos/physical universe in fact has a basic underlying bias toward consciousness and that would tend to affirm the ascent of man and other animals. In other words randomness occurs, but every time increased consciousness occurs it of necessity “sticks”.

Scientism would reject this, but what the hell do they ACTUALLY know about consciousness except what their reality filters begrudgingly/invalidatively allow. Better that they honestly and conscientiously practiced wisdom techniques….without such pre-conceived filters.

Science that is curious and inclusive is good science, and the integration of the (apparent) opposites of science and an aspect(s) of consciousness is the signature of scientific breakthrough AND WISDOM after all.


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