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Wisdomics-Gracenomics is based on….the integrative ethic that is the very process of wisdom itself and on every aspect of its pinnacle philosophical concept grace. It’s not the least bit about religion, but rather the natural de-mystified thoughtfulness, ethical temporal universe applications and fully conscious personal experiences thereof.

Only an idiot culture of Science Only could devolve to the point we now stand, and only economists caught too much up in such culture could not see that obsessive contention between an unworkable economics obsessively based on profit or the equally unworkable and obsessive RE-distribution of same…was not the answer….when a thorough integration of the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations of the two, i.e. wisdom would result in a graceful/gracious free flowing thirdness greater oneness that was no longer either of them.

Heterodox economists can’t even see that grace is the philosophical concept behind the solutions they cautiously already advocate.

MMT and Keynesians of every stripe want fiscal grace as in monetary abundance instead of austerity.

UBI is all the rage and what is that but grace as in gifting (unless you’re a little too orthodox Marxist and have to make it theft instead, even though there’s a more freeing and resolving means of effecting economic democracy than either re-distributive taxation or trickle down economics).

Everyone who isn’t wet behind the ears knows that Finance is the problematically parasitical and key structural issue that must be de-throned, de-monopolized and re-integrated with the rest of the economy, but they apparently do not see that grace as in monetary gifting and grace as in integrity/re-integration is the precise concept upon which a new paradigm and its logically aligned policies could do exactly that.

Oh, and globalization? No, grace as in economic integrity and subsidiarity….because the only thing that can be conscious is the individual, and trying to solve things by becoming big without considering the individual first, last and always is a perfect example of “looking  through the wrong end of the telescope.”

And the libertarians, min-archists etc.? They unconsciously rub shoulders with the truth of the concept of grace when they rail and arrogantly declare their irrational generalizations about government ALWAYS being tyrannical when a governmental policy of individual monetary freedom as in free gifting could not be so. A = A ….they need to “Check their premises” as Ayn Rand used to say. And when they also declare that “There ain’t no free lunch!” it simply points to the fact that if you mentally reside too much and too long within the current paradigm and a new paradigm is the conceptual opposition/inversion of the old then you’d be smart to stop standing on your head and therefore mistaking the problem for the solution and to also stop defending an economics that unethically makes man serve the system instead of the system serving man.

Carry on….and think about it once in a while.


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