Grace-Consciousness and The Fullness, Nowness and Newness of Time, Space and Self Awareness

Grace, and any of the other words used to describe the state, is experienced naturally by focusing without thought on the present moment which contains many forces of nature that cannot be entirely seen by our limited range of visual capabilities, but can be nascently sensed by vision and our other senses and so gives us a deeper, more vibrant and new experience of space, time, objects, whatever else is in the environment and our own self awareness that has always been described as extraordinary by sages of the past and the wisdom traditions that resulted from their teachings.

The world’s wisdom traditions and their techniques for evoking this experience are of inestimable value as the experience of grace and its continuation is a pinnacly¬† integrative one within which all of the rest of one’s life experiences can be made whole, positive and completed.


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