“Fourth Turnings” and Wisdom

“Fourth Turnings” are unfortunately the all too well established historical failures of civilizations to find and systemically apply the process of wisdom which results in a thirdness greater oneness when that process of the thorough integration of the truths in opposing perspectives is discerned and acted upon.

Every paradigm change in human history is an example of such wisdom/integration, and has specific signatures most or all of which are present in those paradigm changes.

However, believing in the value and efficacy of “Fourth Turnings” as the likes of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon do is the folly of confusing chaos with the individual and systemic rejuvenation and genuine progress that wisdom/integrations/re-integrations are marked by.

If we do not recognize the importance and necessity of wisdom, its process and its positive effects and act with it we are complicit in the inevitable continuing disintegration that we see going on all around us now….and is indeed a sign that such has already been going on for some time.


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