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Marx/Marxists actually cobbed Hegel’s dialectic and made an orthodoxy/ideology out of it…instead of recognizing its essential integrative wisdom which is that if you integrate only the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations of opposing perspectives a thirdness/synthesis greater oneness can be the result. This also puts the lie to Kant’s/logical positivist’s/rigidly orthodox scientism’s obsessive and exclusionary dualism.
The truth is most of us are so culturally innured to doubt by 500 years of the scientific method ONLY as the paradigm for inquiry, that the process and vehicle for self actualization of self awareness/consciousness, i.e. wisdom/the world’s various major wisdom traditions, has atrophied and lead not to enlightenment…but mere reactionary orthodoxy and confusion.

Again, the point here is neither advocacy of religiosity only nor science only but the inclusive thirdness greater oneness that Hegel’s dialectic expresses and my cosmic code of wisdom reflects

[ ( thesis x antithesis ) <–> synthesis ]


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