You Can’t Transform And Make Free Flowing An Inherently Cost Inflationary System…

…by cutting costs alone. It requires Monetary Gifting directly and reciprocally in a sufficiently abundant way to invert the scarcity ratio between total individual incomes and total costs and so total prices.

Complete and statistical equilibriums in the temporal universe are impossible and futile to try to maintain. Individual monetary scarcity and systemic austerity are enslaving to the individual and irrationally restraining for the system, and strategically and intelligently implemented monetary abundance frees the individual, enables the system to be free flowing at last and most importantly accomplishes paradigm change.

And even with the paradigm change, if you don’t create a better, more rational and beneficial alternative to decision makers raising their prices, and be willing and able to enforce it in alignment with the paradigm and the concept behind it, then inflation will haunt and erode it.

And that is why it is so important to fully consciously recognize all of the aspects of the natural philosophical concept behind even the policies and sanctions of Wisdomics-Gracenomics, namely that of grace.





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