Wisdomics-Gracenomics Outline

Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The Most Prosperous, Humane and Ethical Economic Alternative and Paradigm Changing Theory

Wisdom Is The Integration of Truths, Workabilities, Applicabilities and Highest Ethical Considerations of Opposing Perspectives, and Grace As In Love In Action Is Its Imminently Applicable Pinnacle Concept

Double Entry Bookkeeping/Accounting: Where No Economist Is Looking Its Nature, Insights, Basic Economic Character and Ability To Be Used To Disperse the Complexity, Confusion, Monetary Scarcity and Disequity In The Economy

Macro-economics: The Very Recently Established and Hence Lacking In Financial Perspective Body of Knowledge: DSGE/Neo-Classical Economics, Abstraction, Mis-Defining/Obscuring Money and Its Current Paradigm

The Two Paradigm Changing Policies That Being Fully Aligned With Wisdom and Grace…Will Change Everything

How The Two Policies Fit Within and Transforms The Rest of The Economy  Finance-Money Creation, Complete Financability of Whatever Is Productive, Balanced and Sane, The Better, More Prosperous Alternative For All Agents Individual and Commercial,  International Trade, Taxation, Ecological Alignment

The Signatures of Paradigm Change and How Wisdomics-Gracenomics Accomplishes Each of Them

Grace As In The Strongest and Most Fair Ethical and Moral Imperative: And How Accepting Its Policies Will Be Both Irresistibly Beneficial and Understandably Death Dealing To Those Who Would Try To Game It


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