The Way To Linearize Paradigm Changing Policy Effects Within and Despite The Complexities of Modern Economies

  1. Implement a universal dividend of at least $1000/mo for everyone 18 years of age and older.
  2. Locate the summing and ending points for costs, prices and inflation throughout the entire legitimate economic process (the point of sale) and also their absolute terminal expression point (final retail sale), and then implement a digital discount/rebate monetary policy at those points of high percentage (50%).

Voila! The end of systemic monetary austerity, individual income scarcity and the complete inversion of present economic reality.

Inversions of reality are one of the major signatures of paradigm changes and these two policies alone accomplish that reality and virtually every other signature of paradigm changes.

The significance of the digital nature of the money, pricing and accounting systems is a major, major missed insight by economists who are generally almost entirely caught up in thrice removed mathematical and/or theoretical abstraction and hence do not see how such policies would integratively change and simultaneously fit largely seamlessly within the economy which are the requirements for an actual paradigm change. In fact the definition of a paradigm change is:

A single new concept that fits largely seamlessly within the area of the human endeavor/body of knowledge it applies to and simultaneously transforms and deeply progresses same.

The single concept that will change economics, money systems and many of the other aspects of life that economics and its current paradigm now so forcefully pre-occupies the time and efforts of  individuals is described thusly:

Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.


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