Posted To RWER Blog Regarding Lack of Changes Since The Great Depression

Me: Tweaking like the reforms that came out of the great depression leave virtually no more room for changes….without considering the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting…so why would we expect any changes when Finance’s monopoly powers must yield if the new paradigm is to implemented and economists are still stuck in the paradigm of Debt Only for the form and vehicle for the distribution of income? Economists have been ruminating over the problems of the current paradigm when mentally stepping out of the old paradigm is what is required. Einstein said this, R. Buckminster Fuller said this, Thomas Aquinas said this, Aristarchus of Samos/Copernicus said this…but economists don’t seem to get the point. They’re stuck. They NEED to get unstuck.

KZ:  There is one and only one way to create an understanding of the associations that make up the life of any group of Sapiens, large or small. That way is direct observation. And even this way is filled with pitfalls. The observations can be poorly performed. The observer(s) can fail to be diligent. What’s observed can be misunderstood or lied about by those being observed. Observers can be hostile to the subjects of observation. And many others. If done with care and honesty, however, observations will provide not only a representation of the group’s actions but also of what they mean for the group and how the group explains the actions. In terms of this way theories from the observer(s) are irrelevant. The only theories reported and examined should be those of the observed. In the physical sciences observer theories are important, but not so in the social sciences where it’s the observed’s associations we’re seeking to describe and understand. Too many social scientists, including economists operate with the reverse understanding of their job. Which, of course reduces most of their work to parody and triviality.

Me:  Very true. Ultimately how accurate theorist’s assessment is, most often depends upon what the hierarchy of their values is and their willingness and ability to consider and mine truth from apparent opposites.

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